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Book Spiritual Development

Ready to tap into your innate power, nurture your spiritual gifts, and uncover your authentic self? During our sessions, we'll pinpoint your natural talents and elevate your psychic abilities. Drawing from my experience as a healer and guide, I specialize in activating others' gifts, facilitating rapid growth and healing. Join me on this profound journey of transformation, as we radiate deep, vibrant energy into the world.

Psychic Development Training

In our sessions we will determine the gift that comes to you most naturally and strengthen your psychic muscle with exercises and processes that will open you to more of the psychic energy around us. As you are able to handle more energy we will move into more advanced spiritual gifts with proper training about spiritual sovereignty that helps you create energetic boundaries so we can do work safely together.

Reiki Training

Looking to incorporate the powerful healing of Reiki into your everyday life? In this class we will explore history of reiki, the way this energy can be worked with, chakra work, theory of reiki, how to conduct a treatment and shamanic concepts that will enhance your practice. This class is done over two days and there will be a short practicum after to help you gain confidence in your practice. Each day will be 8 hours long with some brakes and a brake for lunch. Tea will be provided. 

Group Trainings and Workshops

Choose a service for your event: Psychic readings, Reiki, Meditation, Healing workshop... or let us know what you are looking for and we may be able to help! We will also be hosting our own group trainings and workshops so stay tuned!

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