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Book Holistic Counselling

When we are in session together it will be your time to spend knowing yourself, digging deep to understand what to shift, and we will incorporate energy healing when stressful thoughts become present. As we work together we will sink deeper into shamanic understandings of self concepts so you can release blockages, heal on deep levels and manifest things in your life that brings fulfillment.

Holistic Counselling

In sessions we will utilize shamanic and artistic methods that act as tools to connect with and communicate with our inner world so we can form a positive relationship with it and use that point of power to start manifesting powerful changes in our lives. We Explore the Self Through Shamanic Concepts to Heal Trauma in the Mind and Body Online/Virtually.

Power Restore

When we experience events that are traumatic the self can fragment resulting in a soul shard being left behind. The facilitator enters an altered state of consciousness to support you to re-integrate aspects of self. When a soul shard is restored, it can be quite a dynamic experience that will support positive changes in your everyday perception of life. Book Multiple sessions in a package or purchase a 3 month membership if monthly installments work best for you. There is a recommendation of 6 sessions to fully integrate this experience and attune to the healing you have stepped into. This includes dream interpretation, energy healing and guided processes that sustain your new sense of self. Each experience is unique and will be tailored according to your needs. We Meet Online/Virtually.

Holistic Manifestation

Experience the pathways towards making your dreams your reality. Immerse yourself in a session that taps into your energy to uncover any blockages or imbalances, providing healing and guidance to following your souls journey forwards. Attend Online/Virtual from the comfort of your own home.

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