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Book An Energy Healing

In Nordic shamanic traditions, particularly of the Sámi people, they used tools such as drums, feathers, sacred smoke and chanting of words to aid their practice. You will notice that I connect deeply with this way of practice as it has always been tradition and effective. I introduce the power of the runes in my work and will draw them in the air, chant their names and seek their aid as keys to specific streams of energetic frequencies. With the empowerment of these ancient practices we will work together to heal ailments at a cellular level that promotes positive new growth. If you have any questions about this practice please book a free discovery call found in my services and I will be happy to listen carefully so we can both determine together what services best suit your needs.

Reiki Healing

A full body treatment that works on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual level. Reiki clears the energy field and restores you with life-force energy leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Relax, Re-center and Revitalize with a beautiful Reiki Session Online/Virtually.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing has been around for thousands of years and has made such an impact on us because of how well it works. Through my connection to helper spirits, ancestors who guide me and power animals,  I preform a healing on the body, mind and spirit that expels dis-ease and creates positive streams of energy. If you are feeling inflamed, joint pain, negative emotional and mental attachments then this experience is a good fit for you. During our session we will invite the correct elemental energy to either cool, heat, ground or blissfully blow away and expel blockages. We will reduce inflammation of the body by stimulating energy in specific areas, removing stagnant energies and replacing with lifeforce energy. Online/ Virtual.

Psychic Healing

Experience a personalized and transformative psychic energy healing reading at Celestial Wellness with our unique combination of psychic reading and shamanic energy healing. Immerse yourself in a session that taps into your energy to uncover any blockages or imbalances, providing healing and spiritual guidance for your mind, body, and spirit. Online/Virtual.

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