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Jera can indicate reaping the rewards of the hard work put in to specific goals. It is the rune of gratitude and of Mother Earth’s cycles of life, death and rebirth. If you are seeking out the Jera rune it may be a sign to hold more gratitude in your heart for what you have or that it is time to reap the abundance you have been working for. Carry Jera with you to attract abundance, success, promote gratitude and to connect to Mother Earth. Attach this rune keychain to a set of keys and watch as it brings powerful healing. All runes are activated and charged through Norse shamanic practices just before they are shipped. If you have a question or want to negotiate shipping cost please let me know and I will be happy to help as best I can. Thank you!

Jera Rune Keychain

  • No returns as this piece will be personalized and charged in Norse Shamanic ceremony for you specifically. However, if it happens to get lost I will do my best to locate the item, or I will replace the item, or I will refund the price on the item. I am happy to discuss all concerns. Once shipped the item will be considered non refundable except under specific circumstances where the order is lost. Thank you for your understanding!

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