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About Aidan

Founder of Celestial Wellness

Aidan embodies the essence of a compassionate wellness practitioner, uniquely

attuned to the subtle energies that shape our existence. With over ten years

of dedicated practice, Aidan brings a profound understanding of the

interconnectedness between mind, body, and spirit,

offering transformative guidance to individuals of all ages.

His expertise forms a dynamic tapestry of skills, reflecting unwavering

dedication to holistic healing and client empowerment. Holding credentials

as a Reiki Master/Teacher, CCMBA/CSMC practitioner, and proficiency in Shamanic

Practice and Trauma-Informed Practice, Aidan crafts a powerful approach to wellness

that extends beyond traditional methods. Fortified by two years of supervised counseling experience and an eight-year track record of supporting individuals across diverse age groups, Aidan seamlessly integrates traditional wisdom with intuitive understanding.

In sessions with Aidan, clients encounter more than just practical guidance; they embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Aidan's intuitive insights lead clients on an exploration of their inner selves, fostering an environment where innate wisdom can flourish. With Aidan's compassionate guidance, individuals find solace, clarity, and empowerment, creating a safe haven for transformative experiences.

Through this journey, clients embrace their innate potential, awakening to new possibilities and stepping into a life of holistic wellness. With Aidan as their guide, the path to profound healing and self-realization unfolds, marking the beginning of a transformative journey towards lasting well-being and fulfillment.

Invest In Your Wellness

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Welcome To Celestial Wellness! We offer holistic counselling, healing and spiritual development as well as psychic consultation. Take a look and book a free discovery call!

Abstract Crystal Burst

Energy Healing

Experience a full body relaxation and healing experience that goes beyond the physical and into the mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels to clear your energy field and restore your vitality. Book now and experience the peaceful healing waiting for you.

Dew Drops

Holistic Counselling

Connect with your inner world and heal any core wounds by addressing all aspects of self. You will learn to stand in your power and honor your emotions so you can heal mental and energetic illness such as trauma or anxiety. By blending shamanic and artistic methods you will connect with your inner world, fostering a positive relationship for manifesting powerful changes. 

Burst of Light

Spiritual Development

Ready to tap into your innate power, nurture your spiritual gifts, and uncover your authentic self? During our sessions, we'll pinpoint your natural talents and elevate your psychic abilities. Drawing from my experience as a healer and guide, I specialize in activating others' gifts, facilitating rapid growth and healing. Join me on this profound journey of transformation, as we radiate deep, vibrant energy into the world.